How to make money Online?

Make Money Online is not very easy one when you don't know about it?  But if you have experience about it then it will be very easy to understand what is what.  So I just try to give some details about to make money from online.  Now I want to give basic ides about Google Adsense here.

Is Google Adsense giving money to us?

Yes, Google Adsense is giving money to us through our website.  If you have website with relevant content then you can apply for Google Adsense.  Also you should read the terms and conditions of Google Adsense before you start work with Adsense.  So you should know what should do and What Should not do with Adsense.

Most of the people need to work for online jobs wtih Adsense then you can earn money to get approval from Google Adsense.  After getting approval from adsense then you can create your ads to put it in the relevant page of your website.

How to do SEO?

You must write Title, keywords and description to your website to get organic traffic to your websites through Seach Engine Optimization.

How to write content?

If you have website then you should have a real niche.  Niche is nothing but to make your website in specific topic and concentrate on specific topic to make your website.  Content is making real worth of your website to get real value for your website.  

How to get backlinks to your website?

After having more content then you should get traffic through back links to your website.  You can get backlinks to your website.

1) Press release

2) web directory listings

3) blog posts

4) Forum postings

5) PPC traffic

Ad placement :

You can put the ads in the right area to make money because ad placement is also the important role to get real value of your website.  Also 728 x 90 and 160 x 600 ads are getting more results to your websites.

How to put link ads?

Links ads are also getting more income to your website which is also to put it in real online income through your website.