Blog comments is also one of the important role to get back links because our backlinks is the major role to get page rank.  I really enjoyed to write more comments in blogs which are related my niche.  So I never forget to avoid spam in blogs because I can do anything wrong when I write blog comments.  Meanwhile, I choose only my niche blogs which are helping me to get more back links as well as traffic to my websites.

How to write blogging comments?
Most of the people need to add the links in blog comments so they are working fast to get backlinks from blogs. But It will not be helping us to get real backlinks because the owner of the blogs may be delete your comment or it will be calculate as spam comments.  So we should careful to read the blog post before we write the comments.  When we choose our niche related blogs then we may not have much problem so we can easily get more backlinks through blogging comments.

How to get backlinks through forum signature?
Forum signature is also most important role to get back links to our websites or blogs.  So you just select your niche forum then you can add your website links in profile page as well as in the signature (where it is available).  Most of the forum admin might be permitting signature after ten posts.  So you should read the forum rules before you add your signature.