Women are getting job from separate portal now in India which name is avtariwin.com.  I met the founder of this website Ms.Soundarya in a Rotary meeting.  She told us about the job opportunity for women which is excited to know about this opportunity.  So I need to share with our visitors because they have lot of opportunity for all woman who need jobs from home.  I really enjoyed her presentation in our Rotary Cosmos club and she talked about the women job opportunity.

She also pointed out the three category of women in India not only India worldwide women categorized like this.

1) Women for Full Tim Job
2) Women for Part Time Job
3) Women for fully Home Maker

These three category people here and they are interesting there own ideas and job interest.  Ninety Eight percent of the women are concentrating on any job which is mentioned above.  So most of the women are working for their family which is related category as above.  So I really enjoyed this method of presentation and she wanted to get more women to get real jobs with this opportunity.

Why separate website for women to get a job?  This is India's first HR Service for women to interim women managerial talent.  It will be the successful job opportunity for the women who are living in India.  Women can join with them as part time job or full time job, and they have to work for them in their leisure time.  So this the best opportunity for the house wives.  Please make your job easy.